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Connected by TCP Released

by Soriana Stern November 14, 2013

Photo from: TCP

For those still on the fence regarding smart home lighting systems, there is yet another product ready for you to use once you decide to make the switch.

On Wednesday, November 13, Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP) announced the immediate purchase availability of its new smart home LED lighting system, Connected by TCP.

Connected by TCP runs on Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your TCP LEDs with their lighting app, which is compatible through multiple interfaces: Android, iOS, and on your computer.

“In today’s smart device driven society, phones and tablets enable us to control several aspects of our personal and professional lives,” said Ellis Yan, Founder and CEO of TCP. “With the combined power of Connected by TCP and any smart device, our customers can now enjoy the performance of LED technology in the palms of their hands. As technology advances, we believe everyone’s lighting should get smarter too.”

The app already comes preconfigured with three Smart controls:

  • Home, which switches all bulbs on;
  • Night, which switches all bulbs off;
  • and Away, which also switches all bulbs off.

However, if you don’t like these, the app lets you customize them. Users can set timers for when you want your lights on and off, and how bright you want them. In addition, the app enables remote controlling, and since you can control the lights from your phone, tablet, or computer, users really can access their home lighting from anywhere.

The gateway system, powered by GreenWave Reality’s award-winning cloud-based Home2Cloud platform, can control up to 250 light bulbs, so you can control your entire home or office; and the system also functions for three different levels of access (home, local, and wide area network).