"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." ~Benjamin Franklin
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Welcome to Energy Squad, Your One Stop Energy Efficient Shop.

Whether you are a developer, home builder, designer, integrator, facility manager, architect, electrician or consumer, the list goes on and on,  let Energy Squad be your one stop shop for all the latest Energy Efficient products on the market today. We have everything from LED fixtures to IntegraSpec Concrete Forms and all the Energy Efficient products in between. Contact one of our experts today to help you with your Energy Efficient project or ask about how our Professional Services Team can partner with you on an upcoming opportunity.

Welcome to the Everyday Home

What is the Everyday Home? In today's world, your home needs to be flexible and energy efficient. People are no longer building their dream homes for a lifetime. Your home needs to be comfortable, secure and efficient and at a moments notice, allow for simple integration of new technologies that make them even better. All of this needs to happen within a very reasonable budget. It's a fact, today's homeowner is only spending an average of 5.3 years in their new home. A growing population is even allowing others to share their homes (AirBnB). So that means, at any time, your home will need to work for the next occupier as well. Enter 'The Everyday Home'.


Energy Squad Everyday SecurityEveryday Security

There’s no feeling in the world like knowing you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your loved ones and your home. Intelligently integrated into ClareHome, home security systems can provide one of your system's greatest benefits: increased ability to keep a watchful eye on what matters most. Whether you're there or not.

Energy Squad Everyday SurveillanceEveryday Surveillance

Theft deterrence heads the list of reasons why video surveillance has moved so quickly from civic and commercial applications into our homes.  But it's much more than just security cameras…especially when integrated into ClareHome.

Energy Squad Everyday LightingEveryday Lighting

Whether you choose ClareVue or a third-party system, your automated lighting is every bit as much about energy efficiency as it is about taking maximum comfort and enjoyment from your home.

Energy Squad Everyday ComfortEveryday Comfort

ClareHome works with your wireless thermostat to take climate control to a new level of comfort.

  • Schedule basics, like day/night or seasonal adjustments
  • Make adjustments from anywhere, at any time, with your smartphone or iPad
  • Employ one-touch settings for events like parties, workouts, vacations, etc.

You can even synchronize energy-consuming systems to accommodate daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal environmental changes.

Energy Squad Everyday Building MaterialEveryday Building Material

Why settle for NET-Zero when you can build a SUB-NET Zero Home! IntegraSpec Concrete Forms allow you to build a Cave Above Ground. Start with the best Energy Efficient products don't just "Green Wash" old technologies.

Energy Squad Everyday MusicEveryday Music

Just touch one icon and let ClareHome handle the rest. Use your iPad or smart phone to play a variety of high-quality music, either from your own library or streaming Internet radio stations, to different rooms at the same time. 

Energy Squad Everyday EntertainmentEveryday Entertainment

Put the big game on every television in your home for the most amazing party ever. And we’ll eliminate the stacks of components, unsightly wires, and nightmare of knobs and remotes too.