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Feeling Blue.....not with DiodeLED's Blaze LED Tape.

Gino Hefner Accent Lighting BLAZE STRIP TAPE Blue LED Strip Light Dimmable LED DiodeLED Energy Squad Gino Hefner Master Bathroom

Wanna add some color to your master ensuite?  Check out this cool install in a master bathroom shower.

Let's take a look at what was involved with this install.

Prep Stage:

With any successful project, prior planning prevents a poor performance.  The challenge here was how to service the LED strip tape when you have no way to access it.  The solution was to run two strips of DiodeLED's Blue BLAZE LED Tape.  


Two strips of Blue BLAZE LED Strip tape were installed in Square Chromapath Channel on either side of the pocket created behind the tile.  Each strip was wired back to a transformer and tested.  


Two strips of blue accent lighting, one for now and one for the future.    A happy customer that has the confidence they won't be tearing up their beautiful shower to fix their LED Tape for many many years.

Material Used:

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For more information about strip lighting or if you need help with your LED project, CONTACT an Energy Squad Professional for help.

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