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Strip Lighting & OmniDrive

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Strip lighting systems continue to move with great velocity. As you know, each system that gets spec’d in, is a “one-off”, which really speaks to the idea of “custom” lighting systems. It doesn’t hurt that this helps the profitability to be quite good as well.

When designing these systems, transformer capacity and application is an integral part of the equation. Typically, the wattage load on a transformer shouldn’t exceed 80% of the transformer’s rating, for example, a 200 watt transformer would be used to run a maximum of 160 watts. Seems like a waste of power doesn’t it?

Diode LED now has their “OmniDrive” transformers in their lineup that work a bit differently. With OmniDrive, the application is somewhat the opposite of the conventional approach. They are designed to get loaded up as close to their rated power as possible so 78 watts of load on an 80 watt driver is not only okay, but recommended! They also have smoother dimming characteristics.

The best part? Energy Squad can help you develop your strip lighting system quotes, and if appropriate, include these new OmniDrive transformers. Call and ask – this might possibly be the most custom part of the LED lighting business you can do!
Please contact sales@energysquad.com for more information!

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