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Alexa, Sell My Home: Using Voice as a Sales Tool--Greg Vellante

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Alexa, Sell My Home: Using Voice as a Sales Tool 


Personal touch is essential in business, and one company is teaming with builders to capitalize on a unique blend of technology and marketing that could translate to even more sales. 

Maryland-based Energy Squad has embarked on an endeavor involving its builder partners, model homes and the increasingly-popular Amazon Alexa voice control platform. The concept ultimately boils down to using the Alexa platform as a sales tool to heighten clients’ interest in technology and close more deals.

“We’re including Amazon Alexa in our model homes and we have her telling customers about the home features, while also having her control smart home functionality in the home. We’re selling packages based on that, and we’re getting some traction with that,” says Jon Stovall, founder of Energy Squad.


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